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Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling (BA, MEd)

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imageThe department of Educational Psychology and Counseling started with previous psychology and counseling division in the Department of Elementary Education in 1987. The master’s program of Educational Psychology and Guidance was established in 2001. Then it renamed to the Graduate Institute of Educational Psychology and Counseling in 2004. In 2005, the undergraduate program was approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit its first students. Thus a comprehensive program consists of undergraduates, master students as well as in-service master students starts. The evening in-service master program offers program courses for teachers and workers in related fields, such as counceling psychology, social work, human resource in business, etc., to pursue further education and training. Every year, each undergraduate program admits 40 students, master program 20 students and in-service master program admits 25 students.


The objectives of the department

  • To cultivate students with profundity, elegance, magnanimity and success to be a civilized citizen.
  • To train students to be educational psychologists, school counselors or counseling psychologists qualified to meet both the needs of humanistic and scientific standard of the modern era.
  • To cultivate students for professional helpers in educational settings, community settings, hospital settings and judicial setting.


  • Enterprising
  • Professional
  • Committed


Future Development



Future Development


Work settings and roles


Psychologists, counselors and educators in educational settings, community agencies and hospital settings


Predators, mental testing officers, guidance officers in judicial and correction settings


Research assistants and researchers




Private practice counseling psychologists


Full time and part time counseling psychologists


Human resource professionals (staffing specialist, training specialist, employee relations specialist)


Marketing and advertising professionals




Contact Us

Address: No. 521, Nan-Da Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30014

TEL: 011-886-3-521-3132 ext. 3801, 3802

FAX: 011-886-3-525-2205


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